Copper Pool Heating Panels

Why Sun Ray Copper Pool Heating Panels?

Our copper pool panels are a better choice than plastic panels. Sun Ray Solar panels are heat exchangers specifically engineered to absorb solar energy. It is not just a black plastic or rubber garden hose.

Sun Ray’s metallic pool panels are superior in heat conductivity, heat transfer and durability. Sun Ray Solar copper tubing waterways are stronger than plastic. The panels resist higher pressure and are not subject to punctures, fire or high stagnation temperature. The material will not break down with prolonged exposure to the sun.

In order to achieve any degree of performance, plastic panels must be constructed with a large number of tightly spaced thin-walled tubing. Obviously thin wall plastic tubing is far less durable than copper pipe, especially when exposed to the harsh environment of the sun.

Sun Ray Solar pool panel benefits:

  • The panels are strong and self-supporting. No solid sheeting under the panels are required, therefore reducing the cost of ground mount installation.
  • Sun Ray Solar pool panels are lightweight. Less then one pound per square foot.
  • The panels will stand a stagnation temperature of up to 250° F therefore they can be installed glazed (glass covered) or unglazed.
  • Copper tubing can be repaired by simple soldering if required.
  • The panels can be repainted for a fresh look if needed.


  • Most swimming pools are permanent. So why not a permanent pool heating system?
  • The standard pool panel sizes are 4’x8′, 4’x10′ and 4’x12′. However, we can make custom sized panels to fit your area at no extra charge.
  • Sun Ray pool panels are made of a number of roll formed copper aluminum fin-tubes spaced 4 ¼” apart or less. The absorbing fin sections are mechanically bonded 360° around a ½” OD seamless copper flow tubing and crimped on its horizontal axes for maximum heat transfer. The absorbing fin thickness is .012″ pre painted aluminum. The fin-tubes are brazed to 1 ½” copper headers.
  • All parts of the panels in direct contact with pool water are copper, just like the water pipes in your home.
  • A slightly higher initial cost and technical skill is required to install a copper system but quality always cost less it the long run.
  • The panels are coated by professional metal finishers. The metal is etched, washed, painted for efficiency, durability and a superior look.
  • The panels will stand a stagnation temperature of up to 250° F. Each panel is pressure tested at 100 PSI.
  • For a pleasing esthetic look, the panels are installed with no gaps between them and will look great wherever you place them. The panels overlap each other the same way each individual fin does.
  • The panels can be crated and shipped directly from our manufacturing facility to any jobsite.

Sun Ray Panels can be mounted on the roof or ground.