Solar Collector Absorbers

Sun Ray Absorber Plates are a major part of our business and are the most important component of a solar collector for use in solar heating systems.

Absorbers are available to solar professionals and consumers for new applications or as a replacement for solar collectors that have suffered from loss in efficiency, freeze damage, clog, leakage or just as a replacement for an older model.

The absorbers are also offered for glazed (glass covered) or unglazed solar pool heating systems as an alternative choice to a plastic pool heating panel.

Some tips and benefits for a replacement absorber plate

With a replacement plate you end up with a solar collector that is as good as new for the fraction of the cost of a new collector.

Sun Ray Absorbers are made to size to fit any collector box. (See absorber measurements order form)

Sun Ray Absorbers can be replaced right on the roof without disturbing the solar collector's current mountings. (See absorber installation)

Sun Ray Absorbers are lightweight and therefore easily lifted on to the roof.

Your damaged absorbers have a decent salvage value at your nearest recycling center.

All Sun Ray Solar products are meticulously hand-built and quality tested.


Sun Ray Absorbers are made of a plurality of our unique roll formed fin-tubes; a design that makes our absorber plates unique. (See fin-tubes)

Sun Ray Absorbers are available in all copper (copper absorbing fins with copper flow tubing) or copper aluminum (aluminum absorbing fins with copper flow tubing).

The 4 ¼" wide fin-tubes are brazed to ¾", 1", 1 ¼" or 1 ½" copper headers.

The copper aluminum absorber's material is coated by professional metal finishers. The metal is etched, washed, base coated chrome, painted with durable-modified black solar absorbing polyester and oven baked for efficiency, durability and a superior look.

The absorber plates weight is 1 lb. per sq./ft. for an all copper plate or .60 lb. per sq./ft for copper aluminum plates.

The absorbers are able to withstand a stagnation temperature of 300° F. and each absorber is pressure tested at 160 P.S.I.

Normal working pressure is up to 80 P.S.I.

Recommended flow rate for water heating systems: 0.05 +/- 0.01 GPM/SQ/FT. Sample flow rate (3' x 8'absorber = 1.0 GPM) (4'x 10'absorber = 2.0 GPM)

Recommended flow rate for pool heating panels: 0.07 +/- 0.01 GPM/SQ/FT. Sample flow rate (10- 4'x 10' pool panels = 28.0 GPM)

Sun Ray is ready to provide you with absorber plates or pool panels made to your specific measurements.

To order: Just call or fax your absorber measurements (Absorber order form) and your order will be ready for pickup or delivery within 24-48 hours.

Sun Ray Absorbers are crated and shipped from our factory directly to any jobsite in the USA at no minimum quantity.

Our collector absorber plates are custom made to any dimension and shipped anywhere in the US.