Solar Fin Tubes and Headers

solar fins

Sun Ray Solar fin-tubes (the heat exchanger) is the core of our business. Sun Ray’s highly efficient fin-tubes feature a unique design and assembly process. The fin-tubes are available to solar collector manufactures and consumers worldwide.

Solar Fin Construction: Sun Ray all copper or copper aluminum absorbing fin sections are mechanically bonded to a ½” OD seamless copper tube 360° around and crimped on both of its horizontal axes resulting in superior heat transfer and higher collector efficiency. The absorbing sections thickness is .008” for all copper fins, or .012” for copper aluminum. The fin-tubes are 4 ¼” wide.

fin diagram

Sun Ray Solar fin-tubes are finished with durable modified solar absorbent black polyester that will not chip, peel or fade. The metal is etched, washed, painted and backed by professional metal finishers for efficiency, durability and a superior look. Sun Ray all copper fin-tubes are also available unpainted. Sun Ray fin-tubes are crated and shipped in a minimum quantity of 200.


Drilled Headers:

Sun Ray offers ¾”, 1″, 1 ¼” or 1 ½” type “M” copper absorber headers cut to your specific length. The ½” holes are spaced and drilled to your specific absorber width. The header’s holes are “H” drilled for greater brazing surface area.

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